Monday, May 6, 2013

You Think The Streams Are Crowded Now ?

... well just wait.

At some point very soon the critical mass of scouts fly casting will be attained, a tally great enough to take on the Brachycentrus hatch in a match to end all matches. Bugs beware.

For the past many years the North East Council (NEC) of the FFF (you know what the fck that stands for by now) have been attending, invited to instruct the Scouts (Boy, Girl, Explorer ... ) at The West Point Scoutmaster's Invitational Camporee. Just a couple of weeks ago was this year's iteration.

Thousand words

As per usual John Field and Phil Shook were there as well as soon to be old hands Gail and Paul Gallo, with new-to-the-fighting-field-format John Grady, 'n me - all gathered with the guidance of Michael Gallart. Michael took over where I left off a couple of years ago - he gets it, he brought coffee and donuts. The lady of my dreams, Mother Nature , gave us stunning weather.

Yes !

Several thousand kiddos, all shapes and sizes, from all over travel to the Hudson Valley to push in stakes for a weekend of the usual times ten and for us fly casting instructors it's pretty much non-stop teaching... the usual times ten.

! Chapeau !