Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Take a Lesson, Catch Fish!

This guy did. 

The Fish

Let's call him James. James is smart - he took a fly casting lesson prior to his island visit.  As a matter of fact, the lesson was the first time he had ever cast a fly line, and the Bonefish was his first fish caught while fly fishing. Well done!

The Lesson

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Big Show


I will be there all three days - good chance of finding me at the casting pond, maybe outside casting, or IFFF Learning Center Booth which is located inside the main hall, far back right corner.  

Please come by and to say hi.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wish You Were Here

 One of the very best things about meeting and helping people become better casters and fly fishers is the receiving their reports, be they emails, phone calls and or photographs from their trips. It makes me proud (... you need a long walk if that sounds cliché).

Bob's GT

What's neat about the above interview picture is rather than the usual fly casting instruction, I taught Bob some stuff about leaders and knots for his trip to the Seychelles. We sat in his corner office, windows overlooking Fifth Ave. and 57st. NYC, coffee table covered in spools of mono, tape measure, nippers etc...  talking about knots, tying and re-tying all the while the work space just outside his carried on, interspersed with curious glances, followed by humored expressions by our activity. That and the fish was one of the largest GTs that season. Smiles all around.

Brian's Bonefish Report Card

The backside reads:
Dear Craig: Happy New Year! THANK YOU again for the double haul lesson - it definitely paid off. On our Christmas trip to Key Biscayne, I was fortunate to land 2 Bonefish and 1 baby Jack Crevalle from the beach, and hooked 3 Tarpon (landed 2) on an evening charter in Biscayne Bay. See you again in 2015.