Monday, July 22, 2013

The Smallest of Fly Tying Feathers

How does one go from working on a bench grinder reshaping a piece of metal to holding what is without a doubt one of Mother Nature's most exquisite creatures, a hummingbird? That's one of wonderful qualities of life. Today I had the thrill of holding a feathered emerald - better than a bunny, better than a kitten, better than a puppy. It was on par with a Homer watercolor, a moment in time stalled.

Smaller than a Bass Bug

She was up in the garage rafters unable able to make sense of the roof vent - it was not designed for hummingbird exits. This has happened before - I'm guessing, beckoned by some of the bright colored objects hanging on the walls. So I pulled out a ladder out and climbed up. After a little rafter dancing I gently, ever so gently, closed my hand around her as she sat resting. Worn from her dead end efforts, she was calm in my hand, seemingly trusting of me - a wonderful feeling both texturally and mentally.  Gem in hand, doing my best King Kong imitation, I backed down the ladder and walked outside and released her.

Sunday's Gift

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No, Not That Dark Side, The Other One

West coast Schpey guru, casting geek and all around cool guy Al Buhr is fond of describing two-handed casting as "thinking in the third dimension"... aka The Dark Side, especially when he's speaking with single-hand fly casters. I agree with Al on the third dimension but there is a darker dark side, a truer black and it is plug casting.

White 1/4, Pink 3/8th, Orange 5/8th 

So if you want to be as Goth as possible you need a plug outfit and you'll want to learn to throw a straight a line - arrow straight.

Here's a drill: Go out and find yourself something really narrow to cast at, say a flag pole (not one attached to a building... ). Knot on a plug, in this case 5/8th. Start shortish, standing about forty feet from said vertical narrow object. Aim a few feet up from the ground then cast hitting the pole with the plug - no hitches, no twisting in your stroke - leading with your elbow, drop your arm and launch the plug! Wait for the sound ... BANG!  Reel it in. Rinse 'n Repeat.

It's not the arrow, it's the Indian

 Objects of Desire