Monday, July 22, 2013

The Smallest of Fly Tying Feathers

How does one go from working on a bench grinder reshaping a piece of metal to holding what is without a doubt one of Mother Nature's most exquisite creatures, a hummingbird? That's one of wonderful qualities of life. Today I had the thrill of holding a feathered emerald - better than a bunny, better than a kitten, better than a puppy. It was on par with a Homer watercolor, a moment in time stalled.

Smaller than a Bass Bug

She was up in the garage rafters unable able to make sense of the roof vent - it was not designed for hummingbird exits. This has happened before - I'm guessing, beckoned by some of the bright colored objects hanging on the walls. So I pulled out a ladder out and climbed up. After a little rafter dancing I gently, ever so gently, closed my hand around her as she sat resting. Worn from her dead end efforts, she was calm in my hand, seemingly trusting of me - a wonderful feeling both texturally and mentally.  Gem in hand, doing my best King Kong imitation, I backed down the ladder and walked outside and released her.

Sunday's Gift

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  1. Love this! What a moment..! Who knew you were a hummingbird whisperer?


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