Monday, November 7, 2011

East Went West

Xmas will soon be upon us.
My list is short.
Here it is :

1.  A Casting Club.

the grounds


room with a view

After years of dreaming about it, this summer I flew Jet Blue to Long Beach, CA to compete in the ACA Nationals hosted by The Long Beach Casting Club. What pushed me over the edge westward was an event a few months prior sponsored by the ACA and Cabela's in East Hartford, CT where Chris Korich, Steve Rajeff, Beth Statt, Andy Statt and John Field (ACA Prez') put on a weekend's worth of Casting Games Show 'n Tell. 

I flew out to Cali thinking I would try just one or two of the fly accuracy games, but mostly do some fact finding... get the low-down and compete at a later date, at another meet.

The friendliness + generosity of the members was astonishing. Me thinking I would cast in just one game wasn't going to be allowed. While the club itself has an inventory of gear for use by any interested caster(s) I was pressed by the other casters to use their personal gear... yes, really! Results wise,  I didn't get any kisses from the podium girls but I didn't embarrass myself either.

readying the targets

the board

I urge any of you guys with an inkling of interest to give it a try. 
With any luck Cajun' Bill Clements will cook ya'll dinner !

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Train to The Trout

a now oft-used term that pal Dale Hardman (then the NYC-TU prez) and myself came up with in the mid-80s. the term for taking Metro North from Grand Central to Brewster NY and then walking down the street to fish the Tricos of Trestle Pool on the East Branch of the Croton.

the marker pictured is from the main stem of the Delaware. years ago when walking my dog Pike around the back alleys and dead ends of Jersey City the two of us would pause to witness the hulk of a freight train lumbering by on it's way upstate. it's route would take it along side the river, next to my favorite water, right past where the first rainbows were introduced to the big river.

enjoy your day,
Rainbow Hobo.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011