Thursday, October 18, 2012

Double Click Casting Drill - Accelerate to a Stop

I was sitting on the tail gate of my car one day not too long ago while waiting for a casting pal to show. In passing the time I held a rod butt section by the shaft, flipped it back 'n forth feeling the weight of the handle come 'round,  not really paying it much mind, not really listening, when I heard something - actually two things - "Click, Click" ...  รก la Floyd Dean's Accelerator.

Below, a clip of what I found, the Poor Man's Accelerator - using a rod butt section with it's reel seat band as clicker :

Please, please, please Credit due to Floyd - he's a super nice guy with equally high casting skills. I met him for the first time out at the Whitefish Conclave when I took one of his classes. Related, check out  Peter Hayes' write-up.

No matter which avenue you choose, and I do hope that you open your wallet for one of Floyd's, think of how nifty it'll be practicing your casting stroke in complete darkness when the lights go out his winter.

The beauty of audible learning.