Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lost 'n Found

The day after Tuesday's rain the Beaver kill was fat, no more ribs showing - perfect flow, perfect temperature. Clearing, it was time for stripping streamers. This is where Shaner, if he's reading this, moans and goes back to cleaning Hardy reels... .

So that's what I do, I kill some time - strike that - I enjoy some time waiting for the evening dry fly fishing by swimming a few streamers through super fishy looking water, water with structure underneath and a soft side near the far bank. This is the Beaver kill so casting to the far bank while wading is perfectly attainable and productive. I like to bounce my little baitfish friends off the rocks that can't make up their minds "climbing in or climbing out of the water".  I let them stall a moment and then start activating them. Sometimes they get harassed amazingly quick, split seconds after landing. Some times they need to be finishing a swing.

They  were hungry or pissed, maybe both, you can't tell with Brown trout. One grabbed and held my Black Ghost.  My net was called upon. After freeing the Ghost and while steadying the fish for departure I felt tippet material on my arm. I was positive that my fly and leader were off to the side, out of the way. I did a recheck - yep, my leader was not what I felt. What was it? Oh I see ... "Sorry buddy, not so quick, got to look inside". Imbedded inside upper left was a poly-winged emerger, evidence from a prior false feeding. It was knotted to 20" of dangling tippet. Easy enough, out it came and off the trout went.

To the fly fisher that hooked and lost a swell Brown trout on that emerger: I can back up your story.