Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Definition of Volunteer

 Joe DeSantis

The Man

Single handedly, under his own design, starting in 2009 Joe has collected, purchased, fixed, rebuilt, repaired. rewrapped, filled cork and cleaned hundreds of rods and reels (as well as any other tackle needed), assembling them into outfits for children - giving an outfit to any kid that wants one.

You may find him at just about any yard sale in central NY, if you go early. Perhaps you got a glimpse of him pulling away as you were pulling in - until very recently he drove a blue Cherokee, windows papered with :  "Wanted: Fishing Equipment".

He is fellow board member of TU chapter 210, the "Dave Brandt Chapter" out of Oneonta, NY.

The Assembly Line

Soooo Beautiful

Bins of Misfits  - To Be Loved Again

He keeps records. For example in 2010 a total of 63 poles & reels were given away and there were 60 left over. People that donate gear get recorded and receive a certificate of thanks - also Joe's doing.

Wherever the chapter goes (county fairs, fishing derbies... ) Joe shows with outfits for any children that come within ear shot :

"Do you have a fishing pole?" -  "Here, go have fun"