Monday, November 7, 2011

East Went West

Xmas will soon be upon us.
My list is short.
Here it is :

1.  A Casting Club.

the grounds


room with a view

After years of dreaming about it, this summer I flew Jet Blue to Long Beach, CA to compete in the ACA Nationals hosted by The Long Beach Casting Club. What pushed me over the edge westward was an event a few months prior sponsored by the ACA and Cabela's in East Hartford, CT where Chris Korich, Steve Rajeff, Beth Statt, Andy Statt and John Field (ACA Prez') put on a weekend's worth of Casting Games Show 'n Tell. 

I flew out to Cali thinking I would try just one or two of the fly accuracy games, but mostly do some fact finding... get the low-down and compete at a later date, at another meet.

The friendliness + generosity of the members was astonishing. Me thinking I would cast in just one game wasn't going to be allowed. While the club itself has an inventory of gear for use by any interested caster(s) I was pressed by the other casters to use their personal gear... yes, really! Results wise,  I didn't get any kisses from the podium girls but I didn't embarrass myself either.

readying the targets

the board

I urge any of you guys with an inkling of interest to give it a try. 
With any luck Cajun' Bill Clements will cook ya'll dinner !

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  1. For a reluctant blogger, you certainly are prolific--3 posts in 1 week. A casting club, huh? You sure think big. Most fly fisherman would be happy with a new rod for Xmas. I didn't even know these existed. Are there any on the east coast? It just goes to prove that you are one serious certifiable casting geek (that's actually a compliment : ) If you want to start one, count me in.


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