Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Train to The Trout

a now oft-used term that pal Dale Hardman (then the NYC-TU prez) and myself came up with in the mid-80s. the term for taking Metro North from Grand Central to Brewster NY and then walking down the street to fish the Tricos of Trestle Pool on the East Branch of the Croton.

the marker pictured is from the main stem of the Delaware. years ago when walking my dog Pike around the back alleys and dead ends of Jersey City the two of us would pause to witness the hulk of a freight train lumbering by on it's way upstate. it's route would take it along side the river, next to my favorite water, right past where the first rainbows were introduced to the big river.

enjoy your day,
Rainbow Hobo.


  1. I miss those days and particularly when we traveled by car with Pike. Remember when Bob Sullivan, Rob and his brother and one other of us were fishing East branch of the Croton at Trestle Pool and we saw rabid red fox and jumped in the cars till gone?

    And what can be said about the Big D, the Delaware, where tween that river and it's East and West Branches I've had the best fishing of my life.

    And of course also the Beaverkill, where hatches of Ephemerella Subvaria, better known as the Hendrickson,aroused as emergent nymphs,adrift in those beautiful, deep blue skies of mid-April,windy days and cold, mid-40 degree early evenings but explosive water as mayfly spinners fell everywhere.

    Ah, halcyon days my friend. Tight Lines and Bright Rivers!-Dale

  2. Congratulations on your blog too! Love the fly lines as background. I expect to read tips and suggestions from you and your readers.Better not reveal your and our best spots though.

    My tip of the morn is when it starts to rain hard jump in the river, casting to opposite side close to banks and strip streamers hard for big hits! ;-)


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